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Franchise "Grow up" the Idea

The Moment A Massage Boutique is a unique Wellness Massage Center offering highly customized alternative/combined massage and couple massage services that are affordable and convenient. We are a leading provider of holistic and wellness massage services and our level of massage is above the standard. Founded in Athens, the Moment A Massage Boutique (established 2020) has a mission to improve the lives of our guests through exceptional treatments, products, philosophy, and customer care. For our Franchisees, our mission is to make sure that they succeed. From marketing materials to operational support, our Franchisee's success will be our success. We are here to support every step of the franchise process and we are open to discuss any kind of offer having in mind that we have our standards and ideas that you have to follow. (Your offer to cooperate with us can be sent to our email  ;

The perception is that massage is a luxury item rather than a necessity. The datasheet we keep in our records show that the most recent fact sheet shows that "in 2021, 29% of men and 21% of women got a massage and 50% couple massages." This proves as a new brand coming massage center that there is growth potential as more of the population learns about the benefits of regular traditional massage in a bohemian style environment and in terms of Boutique philosophy in the ''massage world''. Our name and philosophy has a target price. Let's Grow!!!




Our Mission to perform professional kind of massages in different styles combined the western philosophy and the Asian in terms of keeping the traditional 'touch' always on top. Our structure in staff is based in well-trained massage therapists through the Asian countries and Greek therapists well trained that can follow the combined massages we provide everyday to our women and men customers.


Couples Massage Athens

Our Vision is to make traditional bohemian small massage shops in Athens (we are able to give the permit to open until three more shops), so everyone (must follow some criteria) can have their own massage business without spending a lot of money to create one from the beginning. Also we need to collaborate in terms of mindfulness and creativity about massage therapies, so the result will always be the same in terms of the massage and in the procedure of performing it. Also must coorparate with our terms and conditions( you can have a look in our website).

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