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Our philosophy

A Massage Spa Boutique

The MOMENT Massage makes us enjoy unique moments of relaxation
and mental uplift. It inspires us and makes us travel by using our mind and reach our desires.
Throw in your defenses, let go of prejudices, adopt a zen lifestyle and add massage into your life.
Now, you know the ideal place in Athens to enjoy the relaxation you deserve.

The Moment A Massage Boutique delivers the ultimate spa experience to the people of Αthens, giving them a small break of tranquility from the rush of daily life.

Each color, music and aroma has been thoughtfully selected so that from your first step into our spa you’ll be immersed in a climate of complete relaxation. When entering through our doors we want you to take a deep breath and begin the calming process. Come explore with us and discover the health benefits of spending time in our breathtaking Thai Massage.


The vision

The MOMENT MASSAGE is located in a modern bohemian space that we created in the most famous neighborhood of Athens, Koukaki.

We are an inspired group of massage therapists that aim to offer quality massage treatments at the lowest possible prices.

We use pure organic products offering the maximum possible results.

Following the ethos and experience we have, we believe that a beautiful, warm, functional and spotless shelter like The MOMENT MASSAGE (silence is luxury) will inspire you to find your inner balance and peace.


Discover all the amazing possibilities of joining our magnificent destination. Experience peace and rejuvenation in the tranquil surroundings of our massage centre in the central Athens, where attentive and individualized service is delivered with exceptional care.

All massage, body and face treatments are performed in private  cabins.
If you wish, 2 or 3 people can be served together in the same cabin.
In each cabin we have equipped showers (shampoo, shower gel).
Every time you visit The MOMENT MASSAGE we offer you all the amenities such as welcome drinks, hotel equipment (bathrobe, towels, disposable slippers), toiletries (hair dryer) etc.

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